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BIZAPP4U is a modern and flexible multi-vendor e-commerce system where you can organize multiple shops and stores such as digital stores, fashion stores, sports stores, home & living stores, health & beauty stores, and many others in one platform. In simple words, you’ll get All Things Under One Roof!

Business owners dealing with eCommerce, electronics shops, online shops, online delivery, order, and Multi-vendor/Single-vendor online business will find this package to be extremely useful. You can offer your customers the best shopping experience with its mobile-optimized design.

This script is a clean and modern solution for online marketplaces. With a clean, trendy design, BIZAPP4U will make your online store more impressive and appealing. Enhance your customers’ ability to buy your products quickly by increasing your conversion rate.

PHP Laravel is used to develop both the Web frontend and Admin panel for BIZAPP4U. It will also be available on iOS and Android thanks to Flutter’s cross-platform development!


BIZAPP4U is jam-packed with outstanding features that can help you make your online eCommerce business easier and smarter than ever before.

A Bird’s Eye View Admin Panel: BIZAPP4U’s admin dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your business. It displays your business analytics, admin wallet, earning statistics, top customers list, most popular/selling stores, most popular products, and top-selling products all in one place.

Easy Business Setup: From the admin panel’s business setup option, you can easily configure your business. You can set up in-house shops as well as seller shops, choose the default seller commission, enable/disable seller registration and POS, and select the business mode (Single Vendor vs Multi-Vendor). You can also enable admin approval when sellers upload new products and configure customer alert settings, loyalty points, and refund days.

Shipping Options: BIZAPP4U allows you to handle both in-house shipping and seller-wise shipping. You can choose shipping methods based on categories, orders, or specific products. Additionally, you can update category shipping costs from the admin panel.

Digital & Physical Products: BIZAPP4U supports the sale of both digital and physical products. Sellers can specify the product type when adding items to their shops.

Billing Address in Checkout: You have the option to enable or disable the billing address requirement during checkout, which is essential for cash on delivery (COD) orders.

Minimum Stock Limit Warning: Set a minimum stock limit warning to receive notifications when your stock is running low.

Integration with 3rd Party APIs: BIZAPP4U integrates with various 3rd party APIs, including SMS, email, ReCaptcha, Google Maps, push notifications, and more.

Payment Methods: The system supports popular payment methods such as SSLCOMMERZ, PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, SenagPay, PayTabs, Paystack, PayMob Accept, Mercado Pago, LIQPAY, Flutterwave, Paytm, and bKash, offering both digital payment and cash delivery options.

Pages & Media: BIZAPP4U includes essential pages like terms and conditions, privacy policy, about us, and FAQs. It also features social media integration and a media gallery.

Database Cleaning: The system offers a one-click database cleaning feature for clearing system databases. Use this feature with caution as data cannot be recovered once deleted.

Business Promotion: Promote your business easily through campaigns, banners, coupons, and push notifications. An announcement section allows you to convey important notices to your customers.

Employee Management: Manage your growing business efficiently with the employee management section. Add employees, assign roles, and streamline operations.

Mobile App: BIZAPP4U provides a responsive and feature-packed mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Built-in POS System: Enjoy the convenience of a built-in POS system for online payments, included at no extra cost.

User Management: The admin panel offers comprehensive customer and seller management tools, including live chat for customers.

Delivery Man Management: Add and manage delivery personnel easily through the admin panel.

Multilingual Support: BIZAPP4U supports multiple languages and RTL (right-to-left) text direction, making it versatile for businesses in various regions.

Help & Support: Customers can contact the admin directly or open support tickets for assistance. The support team is proactive in helping customers.

Product Management: Easily list both in-house and seller products, either individually or in bulk. Approve or deny new seller products and monitor product delivery charges.

Reports & Analysis: Access various reports for sales and transactions, product analysis, order tracking, and stock management.

In conclusion, BIZAPP4U offers a comprehensive set of features that make it a valuable investment for your eCommerce business. Its range of tools and capabilities are designed to streamline operations, enhance the shopping experience, and boost your business’s success.



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