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  • School CRM provides a centralized solution for efficient school management.
  • The system streamlines student admissions by capturing 40+ records, including details from previous schools, siblings, RTE information, IDs, and documents.
  • Comprehensive student profiles encompass admission, personal, contact, fees, exam, and document details.
  • Advanced search functionality allows quick student retrieval using various criteria and keywords.
  • Student promotions for the next academic session are automated based on pass/fail status and continuation/leaving decisions.
  • Students are categorized into class-sections based on criteria like caste and skill abilities.
  • The platform features a flexible fees collection mechanism accommodating diverse fee structures, discounts, fines, and due dates.
  • School income and expenses are managed meticulously with receipt uploads for transparent financial tracking.
  • Efficient student attendance management provides monthly class-section wise attendance reports.
  • The system handles all aspects of examinations, from creating exams and scheduling to marks entry and generating progress reports with grades.
  • School CRM facilitates class, section, teacher, subject, and timetable management.
  • Downloadable content such as syllabi, assignments, and study materials are organized for students and teachers.
  • A comprehensive library management system covers book additions, member management, and book issuing/returning.
  • School vehicles, routes, driver details, hostels, and rooms are efficiently managed through the platform.
  • Communication is streamlined with the ability to send messages to students, parents, and teachers via the notice board.
  • Various reports, including student information, fees statements, transactions, balance fees, attendance, and exam results, can be generated for data-driven decision-making.



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